Fundación Universidad Loyola Andalucía is a Higher Institution belonging to the global network of universities of the Society
of Jesus (338 around the world). Founded in 2010, it has inherited the teaching and research experience of its predecessor,
ETEA Business School, with over 50 years of existence.

The research experience is focused mainly in the fields of local development, agriculture, development aid, social services, psychology, engineering and business management techniques. It also has a research institute which is focused on
cooperation for development called ETEA Foundation, which is linked to Loyola Andalucía as an affiliated entity. To perform this task, Loyola has more than 250 researchers.


The Loyola University team is composed of a diverse and qualified group of researchers with more than 20 years of experience. Their work focuses on advancing knowledge and contributing to the development of innovative solutions to current social challenges. They mainly work in the fields of marketing, social economy, and entrepreneurship. 


Forum is a Spanish organization with residence in Seville, focused on the training and educational development of people of all ages, in different areas ranging from language, training and social inclusion, through the teaching of courses oriented to the training in different sectors. Our training plans are based on enhancing the skills of students for their future immersion in the labor market, expanding and updating their knowledge, as well as courses specifically aimed at employed or unemployed workers who want to acquire new skills for their development and projection within the working market.


Symplexis is a Greek non-for-profit organization that strives to ensure equal opportunities for all through actions and measures that build skills, empower and promote active engagement and participation focusing on the most vulnerable categories of the population and particularly those with fewer opportunities. Symplexis’ mission is to elevate social cohesion through integrated actions and project-based activities that aim at promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at risk of marginalization and exclusion, while promoting and protecting the rights of various types of population groups that face discrimination focusing on the empowerment and support of victims, awareness raising and information sharing at all level.


As a knowledge-based organisation, Symplexis relies on the ability of its staff (full & part-time), external collaborators and volunteers to produce, acquire and apply knowledge to achieve the objectives of each project. Symplexis‘ project managers, officers, researchers, trainers and administrative staff involved in the DIBS project have extensive professional experience in Erasmus+ project management, primary and secondary research, formal and informal education and training, event organisation, EU project dissemination and awareness raising activities.

Instruction and Formation

I & F Education is an Irish based organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, sport and personal development, youth and schools, language acquisition, inclusion and diversity and rural development. We stress and put the emphasis on lifelong learning as well as adult learning.


Zewelepe Consultants Limited is a consulting company, founded in January 2018 in Cyprus. Our expertise lies on the delivery of high-quality research, training, educational, consulting and ICT services at local, national, and European levels. Zewelepe has a vast expertise in the sectors of Consulting Services, ICT, Research and
Education/Training, providing a combination of an innovative thinking along with a sophisticated development.


Zewelepe brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized researchers from the fields of engineering, communication technologies, education and social and political sciences with a long experience in project management and implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects. Drawing on the diverse experience and expertise of its staff, the organization provides, among others, research studies, reports and analyses, technology-enhanced learning solutions (e-learning platforms, Moodle, Virtual Learning Environment development, education apps etc.), quality management in education, target group needs-tailored lifelong and adult learning programmes, design, and development of training material in a range of fields and sectors, as well as mentoring and support services


CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE benefits from a broad network of partners with more than 3000 civil society organisations, universities, schools, research centres, public authorities and private entities, youth centres, companies and entrepreneurs in the world.
Along with other institutions and organisations, CESIE is currently implementing over 120 projects in more than 80 countries.


The team has an international character being composed not only by Italians, but also from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Serbia, Lithuania, etc. CESIE is therefore considered to be a very concrete and positive example of European values. Moreover, the staff is characterized by a great diversity of profiles, skills and qualifications but united by a deep sharing of ideals that lead our activities. 
Equally important is the contribution from the dozens of interns and volunteers engaged in internships at our organization.